Danage Steel Target Pin [x8]

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Danage Steel Target Face Pin are an easy push/pull target pin. All the handy features of standard Danage pins, but using a super-narrow 40mm x 2mm stainless steel spike to allow much easier penetration of the hardest bosses, with a barbed design to stop the pin pulling out in difficult weather conditions.


Finger Press Area, making the target pin easy to press into the target.


Draw Ring, even a youngster can pull the target pin out.


Stainless Steel Pin, makes the target pin suitable for even the toughest

target butt (60mm/2.4”,Ø3mm, 40 mm/1.6”,Ø2mm)


Barbed, strong winds behind the target face will not move

the target pin


Large Holding Area, the target face will not be ripped by the target pin


Draw Ring Folds Flat, the target pins will not be damaged by stacking the

targets together


The length of the Steel Pin is approx. 60mm (2.4”), diameter 3mm or Pin 40mm (1.6”), diameter 2mm*


The 2mm Pin is designed for hard pressed target butts – or target butts having a surface that is hard to penetrate.