Beiter Rip Clutch

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The Beiter Ripclutch Square can be used for many different purposes.

Just to point out some examples:

At your club house

To display beginner bows uniformly

You can easily change the position of the bows, always giving a professional and good looking view to it

Whenever you have to work on one bow, you take it off the Ripclutch (either the square or the round model), leaving the adapter on the bow, and slip it on to another Ripclutch or the Kaindl Tool that you fixed on your work-bench!


At your workshop, you can install all components fast to leave both hands free to work... no matter if you want to install a peep, a rest, a plunger, a clicker, a sight... you will have two free hands


At home, you can fix the Ripclutch with 1 or 2 screws (depending on the model) to any wood platform and start working on your bows, serving a string, installing a peep and much more!

It makes it easy to check limbs alignment and centre shot!