RamRods Stabilizer Short - Ultra V3.1


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RamRods Stabilizer Short - Ultra V3.1


Short Rod from RamRods


Key Features:


Small diameter stabilizer for minimal wind disruption

Adaptive weight system

Internal damping to remove unwanted vibration from you shot

Through hole in proximal endcap for easy tightening when mounting onto your bow

Both caps are symmetrical and feature a 5/16-24 thread size

Feature a 137 spine rod

For many professional archers shooting either recurve or compound the Ultra V3 is the stabilizer of choice


Technical Specifications:


Rod Diameter: 0.500 inch

Length: 12, 13.5, 15 inch

Thread Size: 5/16-24

Included Accessories: adapter screw 5/16-24 to 1/4-20

Colour: Black

Material: Carbon