Prime Rival LH Red 40/50lb

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Prime Rival LH Red 40/50lb


Second Hand Prime Rival, Left Handed in Red


Parallel Cam technology, which has enjoyed notable success and is the engine driving the new Rival

Prime Rival features XS Extra Wide limbs, Flexis-AR cable-containment system, Side Panel Ghost grip and a reflex riser

On the silencing side, Prime includes a set of Limbsaver limb dampeners and an adjustable string suppressor

Prime's PCXL Cam system is arguably the centrepiece of the Rival or any other bow in the Prime line-up

Using two matching lobes, basically two cams side-by-side, a wider base is created


A yoke on both ends of the string splits the string in two, thereby applying the load to string tracks on the outside surfaces of the dual-lobe parallel cams This is designed to increase lateral stabilization and reduce efficiency-robbing cam lean.


The machined aluminium cams ride on steel axles with Teflon bushings and roller bearings for reduced friction and increased efficiency

This cam produces an 85-percent let off that is adjustable down to 75 percent


7000 series aluminium forging, which is fully machined into the final riser shape

The manufacturing process is designed to create a strong and super straight riser that has very little flex

Less flex results in a stable platform and translates into operational consistency of the overall system


The Flexis-AR consists of a roller-guard fixture attached to an arm that is both flexible and adjustable

Cables can be moved closer to or further away from the arrow/vanes using the arm's adjustment for optimal tune and clearance

Functionally, the arm flexes toward the arrow as the bow is drawn to reduce torque on the system


In turn, efficiency is increased while also improving consistency for the archer When the arrow is released, the flexible arm springs back into its resting position and away from the passing vanes


Prime's Ghost grip is shaped, sized and angled to create comfort and function

Depending on how you hold your bow, the back surface of a grip is the key to everything

The Ghost's back surface is machined with soft curves that join with a small throat and ergonomic angle to get the job done well


A Broadband Limbsaver dampener is attached to the inside of each limb. They are advertised to reduce vibration up to 70 percent across multiple frequencies


An adjustable string suppressor is designed to quickly stop oscillation, which in turn reduces vibration and noise

Finally, the parallel position of the limbs is widely known to significantly reduce shock, vibration and noise as compared to a rig with upright limbs


Manufacturer: Prime

Model: Rival

Handedness: Left Handed

Colour: Red

Cam System: Parallel Cam PCXL

Weight: 4.3 pounds

Brace Height: 6 1/4” inches

Axle-To-Axle length: 35 inches

Letoff: Adjustable, up to 85 percent

Draw Weight: 50 lbs peak

Draw Length: 26” Draw Length

Riser: Forged and machined 7000 Series Aluminium, Reflex

Limbs: XS Extra Wide, Gordon Glass

String: 452X BCY, 32.03 inches

Cables (x2): 452X BCY, 39.41 inches