Shibuya Ultima RC Pro 520-9-A Single Mount


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Shibuya Ultima RC Pro 520-9-A Single Mount


Recurve Sight from Shibuya


Premium recurve competition sight


Key Features:


Unique carbon bar design radically reduces vibration through material and shape

Carbon bar available in two versions (A or B) to best work with your bow

“A” type extension recommended for bows over 45lbs or those who prefer the balance of a heavier sight

Ultra-secure mounting system for reliable hold and large knob for ease of use

Sight pin mount features tool-less adjustment for easier changes in the field

Double mount design models also available, which allows for shorter elevation bar for reduced mass weight and vibration, while maintaining usability over a wide range of distances


Technical Specifications:


Handedness:            RH or LH

Extension length: 9.00"

Vertical bar length: 5.20"

Thread: 8-32 (standard recurve scope or pin)

Mass weight: 233

Adjustment: 1/32" per revolution/ 1/640" per click