CBE Target Sight - Vertex Elevate

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CBE Target Sight - Vertex Elevate


Compound Target Sight from Custom Bow Equipment


Key Features:


Vertical travel adjustment of 3"

Micro-click elevation with top and bottom knobs

Detachable scope mount for easy travelling

Dovetail elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings

Quad-Track four-track stability alignment system eliminates rocking/rattling

Micro adjust windage unit with laser engraved markings and indicator window

Custom extension bar with multiple laser marked locking positions

Elevation and windage locking knobs

Centre-Pivot 1st and 3rd axis adjustment

2nd axis scope adjustment

Laser engraved sight scale markings

Interchangeable laser engraved aluminium yardage scales

Elevation click adjustment of .002"

1 Elevation turn = .0625"

Available in Right and Left Handed


Please note: Vertex Target Sights do not ship with scope housings