Trophy Taker Arrow Rest - SmackDown Lock Up


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Trophy Taker Arrow Rest - SmackDown Lock Up


Arrow Rest from Trophy Taker


Key Features:


The first ever Trophy Taker™ SD LockUp Rest

Just like a safety on a gun the SD LockUp features a mechanical locking mechanism that is designed never to fail

When you put it all on the line you expect quality and performance

The Trophy Taker™ SD LockUp features integrated roller bearings for smooth mechanics, a secure, 3-point mounting system and a durable design made to last.

We have built our reputation on products that exceed expectations


Technical Specifications:


Limb-Driven, Lock-Up, Fall-Away Rest: Integrated roller bearings for smooth mechanics

Secure Mounting: 2 Contact points on mounting bracket to ensure your equipment never fails

Easy Adjustments: Increased windage block adjustments by .25” to accommodate 1” riser designs

Durable Design: Made of precision machined aircraft-grade aluminium alloy utilizing stainless-steel hardened components made to last

Quiet Operation: Full over-moulded containment ring with built-in sound dampening system

Full Containment