Win&Win Inno CXT 2021 - 23"

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Win&Win Inno CXT 2021 - 23"


International 23” Riser from Win&Win


Key Features:


Carbon material for vibration reduction

Design minimizes the unnecessary limb movement from the archer’s release, making for an extremely stable shot

Optimized for accuracy, stability, arrow speed and super smooth feeling

Weight control system for improved balance and feel

Convenient centre-shot adjustment system, adjustable without unstringing the bow

Tiller Bolt size: 12mm


Technical Specifications:


Length: 23”

Finish: Painted

Material: Nano Carbon

Mass Weight: 1120 (Light 1070g)

Handedness: RH, LH

Limb Fitting: ILF


The CXT riser has been in production for many years and has been a very popular riser winning medals at all levels


Colour Options: Black, White, Black/White/Gold, Brilliant Blue/White, Brilliant Red/White, Cosmo Grey/Black, and Metal Bronze/Black


Weight Control System: 4 x flat weights are included (1 flat weight = 25g)