Hoyt Grand Prix Xceed Riser - 25"

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Hoyt Grand Prix Xceed Riser - 25"


ILF riser from Hoyt.


Key features:


Classic ILF/ Grand Prix fitting riser from Hoyt

Innovative pocket adjustment system uses String Tension Technology to provide a customizable feel through the clicker

VertaTune clicker plate allowing for tuneable pressure button height and a secure pressure button position

Range of optional weights available separately, perfect for barebow archers or those who want to customize their riser balance

String Tension Technology settings: There are three distinct settings you can choose from

With the limb rockers in position number one, referred to as the Ultimate Performance Setting, you will achieve the highest level of string tension, which is optimal for those looking for a more aggressive pull through the clicker in high pressure, high adrenaline situations

On the opposite adjustment spectrum, position number three, referred to as the Ultimate Smoothness Setting, the string tension is the lowest

This helps the limbs feel smoother through the clicker, especially during the last 1 to 2 millimetres of the draw cycle

Position number 2 is considered a hybrid setting, for those looking for a combination of performance and smoothness


Technical specifications:


Limb Fitting:  ILF

Material: Aluminium

Length Options: 25"

Weight: 1270g

Handedness:            RH or LH

Finish: Anodized (satin finish)