Hoyt Formula F4 Limbs

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These smooth and incredibly swift new limbs feature a new tip geometry providing for substantially enhanced velocity. They also feature radically strengthened materials ensuring the ability to withstand more than 500 full-on dry-fires, more than one million shot cycles with no performance change, and unmatched torsional and vertical stability. 
Innovative, all-new cross-carbon multi laminates and the new Hoyt Paralever mounting system reshape the limb stress curve for unmatched smoothness before the shot, and helps manage vibration after the shot with more than 40% less limb stress in the critical riser interface area. The result is increased smoothness in the clicker zone and up to a measured 4 FPS velocity advantage over any available recurve limb today. 

The sleek, redesigned limb tip increases strength and alignment accuracy and also adds to velocity through an adjustment in critical string leverage at full draw.

Mounting a damper (for example, a Doinker with a weight) using the patent-pending Limb Dampening Bushing on the portion of the limb within the Paralever mount means there is no speed loss penalty from this vibration reduction method- yet it is far more efficient than riser-mounted dampers. Shooters who prefer a sharper feel can simply omit the use of a damper. Either way, the Limb Bushing allows optional use of a top rod if desired.

We hope you will take time to get directly acquainted with this new pinnacle of Hoyt recurve technology and see for yourself, why Formula is truly a step beyond the state of the art.

Multiple layers of unidirectional and custom-designed crossweave carbon fiber increase speed and stability. Carbon X-foam syntactic foam for the ultimate in performance.


Please note: Hoyt Formula products are only compatible with other products in the Formula Series.