Stanislawski Release - BlackJack Medium


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Micro Adjustable Fire Setting

An Innovation pioneered by Stanislawski. Set your release easy and precisely where you want it to be with the MOREXTM Sears.


Trainer Lock

A patent pending innovation from Stanislawski that allows for easy and safe training. Learn the back tension technique without worrying about getting injured! Build confidence in your technique before attempting a shot.


Optional “clicker” Hook

An innovation pioneered by Stanislawski. This system allows you to go from a click or regular style without changing your release setting. Available in a quick .006” or a bit longer .010”.

Stanislawsky Release Morex Clickers sear .010

Stanislawsky Release Morex Clickers sear .006


Designed for D-Loop Hook

Made of enhanced 440C Stainless Steel then hardened to 60 Rockwell and finished with a proprietary polishing process.


Stainless Steel Hinge

Machined from a solid piece of 303 Stainless Steel and then polished to a mirror finish.