Carter Release - Convertible

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Carter Release – Convertible


The all new Convertible from Carter Enterprises gives you the keys to multiple trigger fingers with one trigger release.


This unique shape lets you shoot with either a 2 or a 3 finger handle thumb activation, or, with a simple 180 degree flip of the release and flip of the thumb knob, it can be shot with a third finger activation

Shooting the Convertible as a third finger trigger release can help when you get "Punchy" with the thumb trigger

The Convertible has an innovative auto closing jaw with the easy press of the cocking lever

The Convertible has a removable variable position Adjustable Trigger that doubles as either a pulling peg or a thumb trigger


Simply slip your d-loop into the jaw slot and push in on the cocking lever

This will close your jaw on the loop and lock it

Draw and anchor while keeping your thumb or 3rd finger away from the trigger

After anchoring and acquiring your target gently rest your thumb or 3rd finger on the trigger

Applying pressure will fire the release