Zniper Zextant Button

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Zniper Zextant Button


Pressure Button from Zniper


Key Features:


Microclick design makes adjustment easy for both screw-in depth and spring tension to make tuning and quick adjustments a breeze

Four different thread lengths available to fit any riser and rest combination

3 quality springs included of different tensions so all options are available for the best tune

Screw into the bow once - all further adjustments can be made with the simple micro-click adjustment

High-quality stainless steel and 6061 aluminium construction


Technical Specifications:


Included Accessories: 3x springs (soft installed), 2x replacement pins, 2x spacers and clamping tool

Thread Size: 5/16-24

Material: Steel and Anodized 6061 Aluminium


Sizing Guide


The ZNIPER Zextant is offered in four different sizes

The size of the Zextant is defined by the screw-in depth



The required size (screw-in depth) should be determined before purchasing. Among other things, it should be noted that the screw-in depth also changes if a screw-in arrow rest is replaced by an adhesive arrow rest, or if, for example, the arrow thickness changes significantly (change from indoor to outdoor arrows).

How to measure the screw-in depth is shown in the picture above.

Sizes (Screw-in depth)


    Small (S): 19-23mm

    Medium (M): 22-26mm

    Large (L): 25-29mm

    XLarge (XL): 28-32mm


If you are unsure about the size of the Zextant, it is better to choose a size larger, because each Zextant comes with a 1mm and a 2mm spacer, with which the screw-in depth can be reduced accordingly