Beiter Tri Liner


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The beiter Tri-liner is a great tool to use when marking arrow shafts prior to attaching Spin-Wings or similar.


Beiter say:

The Tri-Liner can be used for different Vane lengths, for left or right handed archers, as well as for Recurve or Compound archers. In fact the positioning ring allows many different adjustments and an exact orientation of nock and fletching. The included red Tabs are for the exact positioning of the fletching in length and distance to the nock. Additionally they help to draw the line in the correct length. You may clean the tool also with Acetone if desired. Please refer to our Instructions Guide to know how to use the Beiter Tri-Liner and achieve best results with it.


The ideal partner for the Tri-Liner is the Beiter Wing-Holder, which is only available for vanes with 1 3/4" length.