Bohning Fletching Jig - Multi


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Bohning Fletching Jig – Multi


NOTE: Available from January 2020


Bohning's Multi-Fletcher® Jig will truly do it all!

Every Multi-Fletcher® includes 7 colour-coded clamp inserts for different angles, from straight up to a 3° right or left helical

It works with all arrow diameters from X10s to 27s

The Multi-Fletcher® can do a 3 or 4 fletch and will accommodate arrows with standard nocks or x-bow bolts

The rugged 16-gauge stainless steel base and durable composite clamps can be cleaned with acetone to remove adhesive residue

The unique snap-lock clamp plate with inserts provides superior adhesion force and consistent angles, and the feather inserts are specially designed to avoid damage to feather


7 clamp inserts:

• Feather 2° Right & 2° Left. Max feather length 5" (127mm)

• Vane 1° Right & 1° Left. Max vane length 5" (127mm)

• Vane 3° Right & 3° Left. Max vane length 3" (76mm)

• Vane Straight. Max vane length 5" (127mm)


3 Fletch: 120°

4 Fletch: 90° or 60°x120°


The stainless steel base can be screwed to a work table as a single unit or as a multiple jig arrangement