Social distancing measures

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With the easing of the Covid-19 Lock-down2 we are able to re-open our shop floor from Wednesday 2nd December.


Like many places we have introduced the following measures to help protect staff and customers alike:


1) We ask anyone visiting the store to sanitise their hands prior to entry.

2) We are only letting 2 groups of customers into the store at any one time. (With this in mind please try to limit the number of people in your group to those either purchasing equipment or needed for travel or payment purposes)

3) Probably the most important! If you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms we ask you kindly not to enter.

4) We are going to manage the number of customers in the store with a closed door policy. After sanitising your hands please ring the door bell and a member of staff will either let you straight in, or they will take your mobile telephone number and ask you to wait in your car till we can.

5) We are not running an online appointment system but ask customers who know they will need a lengthy visit to ring ahead to arrange a suitable time in advance.

6) A one way system will be in operation.

7) We have put grey tape on the floor to help you maintain the 2m social distance guideline.

8) We do however ask you not to enter certain areas of the shop, this is indicated by black and yellow tape.

9) There is black tape around the till area and we ask you to be mindful how close you get to the staff in this area.

10) At this time we would be grateful if you could look at the products with your eyes rather than your hands.

11) No really, although you have sanitised your hands before entering we would ask you to look at things rather than touch every product on display.

12) Unfortunately at this time we have had to block off our seating area.

13) We are also unable to offer you tea & coffee as you would normally be accustomed to.

14) Contactless payment is preferred for smaller purchase and card payment for larger. We would be very grateful if cash payments could be avoided at this time.

15) We are aware some customers travel quite a distance to get to the store and the toilet will be available in emergencies. You will find antibacterial wipes and a bin and we ask you to wipe down the surfaces, lock, door handle and light switch after use.


Please help us to ensure a safe and friendly shopping experience for all.