SKB Hard Case - Parallel 4114A

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The 2SKB-4114A Parallel Limb Bow Case is airline approved made to ATA 300 Category I specifications which is the highest shipping container specification of the ATA. This case is designed to transport two Parallel Limb Bows, or a Parallel Limb Bow and rifle. The case is moulded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the material specified by the U.S. military for cases and containers. The 2SKB-4114A Parallel Limb Bow Case feature heavy-duty field replaceable locking latches, a spring-loaded end handle for comfortable towing and protection from damage, moulded-in bumper protection to maximize impact resistance and quiet glide heavy duty wheels for easy transport. Secure "tie-down" loops for ATV transport are an added feature and stylish embossing that actually adds structural support to the lid. The 2SKB-4114A Parallel Limb Bow Case is backed by an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on the case.



Airline approved (ATA 300 rating).

Designed for two parallel limb bows or bow / rifle combination.

Heavy-duty field replaceable locking latches.

A spring-loaded end handle.

Moulded-in bumper protection.

Quiet-glide heavy duty wheels.

Secure "tie-down" loops for ATV transport



Interior Length: 41.00"    (104 cm)

Interior Width:   15.50"    (39,40 cm)

Interior Depth:    6.00''     (15,20 cm)