Archers Paradox Ground Quiver

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Archers Paradox Bow-stand / Arrow quiver.


When designing the stand, they shaped the grooves to ensure that it would hold risers up to 24" to ensure it would be ideal for clubs and activity centres, which often hold a range of bow sizes


They have also made the stands stackable, making them easy to store


The stands are designed to use with Arrows Archery kits, as they use large sucker heads, so they have made the arrow slot large enough to fit the heads of the Archery Arrows through.

They fit 10+ Archery Arrows or 36+ regular arrows easily


Whilst ideal for indoor use, the stand also has a pre-drilled hole in the base allowing you to peg the stands in place when shooting outdoors


Suitable for bows with risers from 14.5" up to 24"


Sturdy metal construction

Ideal for archery clubs & activity centres