Last Chance Manual Press - EZ Press

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Last Chance Manual Press - EZ Press


The EZ Press was designed for quick and easy set-up of all compound bows* The manual components are machined for smooth and easy operation

The manual version is required for higher draw weight bows over 70 lbs


* There are 2 compound bows that require limb adapters: the Bear Attack and the Bear Carnage

* This press comes with bench mounts


Please always ensure your press block bolts are tightened down fully

If the bolts holding the blocks onto the bow press are loose, it can cause the bolts to become damaged

The bolts must be fully tightened down at all times for the bolts to have full strength

You can tighten the bolts by removing the small spring metal piece that sits on the block itself

Once you remove the spring metal piece the two bolts will reveal themselves from underneath that piece