Easton RX-7 Arrow Shaft x12

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Easton RX-7 Arrow Shaft x12


Aluminium shaft from Easton x 12


Key features:


For recurve archers looking for larger diameter shaft with no loss of tune

WA maximum diameter

Rear taper design allows for large diameter and less point weight

Durable X7 alloy construction (7178-T9 alloy)

Uni bushing included for easy nock installation


Technical specifications:


Material: Aluminium

Diameter: 9.3mm

Grains per inch: 22-475: 9.7

Available spines: 23-420: 0.420, 22-475: 0.475 21-525: 0.525

Uncut length (approx): 23-420: 33.75", 22-475: 33.5" 21-525: 32.5"

Included components: Super uni-bushing

Optimal for: WA Indoor Archery, Recurve



Easton’s exclusive tapered technology allows a bigger line-catcher arrow at lower bow and point weight


New for the 2020 indoor season, Easton announces the most accurate, technically advanced indoor arrow shaft ever devised for recurve finger shooters- the all-new RX-7 series


Available in three spine values - 525, 475, and 420 - in a 21, 22, and World Archery Maximum 23 diameter


This design element drops the dynamic spine of the arrow shaft by up to one full size, which allows the use of a larger diameter and lighter point


Until now, many archers seeking maximum diameter arrow shafts often needed to compromise the bow tune, and potentially compromise shooting technique forgiveness, by using super-heavy points, leading to greater error potential with slight natural release inconsistencies.


By using a normal weight point, and a precision engineered, more flexible rear taper with a weight-forward design, RX-7 series shafts provide the ultimate in finger release forgiveness

RX-7 uses full-strength 7178-T9 alloy that easily copes with tough European target materials


For example, the RX-7-23 has a spine of 0.420, compared to a spine of 0.342 for the equivalent Easton X23 2315 shaft

As an example, this allows the RX-7-23 420 to be tuned with an Easton 2315 NIBB point, at a normal shaft length 

Compare this to the X23 2315, which is often tuned by recurve shooters with a heavy, 200 or 300 grain aftermarket point, at a longer than normal shaft length

RX-7 shafts are supplied with Easton Super-UNI bushings, which accept available Easton Super Nocks, 3D-Super Nocks, and the popular size 19 Beiter nock