Beiter Nock Adapter

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When using Beiter nocks you’ll need one of these when fletching your arrows.


Beiter say:

The Beiter Nock Adapter is a very useful tool.
The most important function of the Beiter Nock Adapter is to allow to fletch your vanes or feathers with a perfect angle on your fletching jig (normally 120°). 

The Beiter Nock Adapter fits all Fletching Jigs on the market and is enclosed in any Beiter Tri-Liner in all available sizes (#1, #2 and Hunter).
You can use a Beiter Nock Adapter also on the spare arrows in your quiver, to avoid to shoot more arrows as needed!
The Beiter Nock Adapter is available for all Beiter nocks, no matter if #1, #2 or Hunter. 


Please note: The price is for a single nock adapter, not the nice handful shown in the photo.